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Monologue Challenge Winners!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I am so thrilled to announce these 5 exceptional actors as the winners fo the Gender-Bending Monologue Challenge:

Aja Morgan

Christopher Lovell

Jer Adrianne Lelliott

Melody Peng

Toshi Calderón

Believe me when I say that choosing a top 5 was agonizing for me as there was so much lovely work to choose from... which is why it took me so long!

Congratulations to these t5 actors and thank you for your truth, authenticity, and for challenging our perceptions about gender. I hope everyone will watch their monologues and appreciate their work!

Thank you all for exploring gender with me.

I hope you had fun with this while pushing your understanding outside of assigned gender roles. I am truly humbled by this experience, and have learned so much.

One last sincere, heartfelt, and humble thank you to someone in particular who reached out to guide me and educate me on me own use of language on this journey. I so appreciate the thoughtful and compassionate approach to the conversations we have shared. Thank you for your patience and your understanding, Dan.

These actors have graciously given their permission for me to post their work.

A few notes on each of them I would love to consider as you watch


There's a softness and a stillness she brings to this piece. A deep connected understanding and pain in the person she is talking to. She sets the world beautifully here and speaks with a clear compassion


This piece from Fences is filled with fire passion. There is a deep commitment to every word uttered as if years and pain and suffering have built up within him. A beautiful and emotional piece of work


This is a truly stunning perspective on gender identity. In this scenario Jer is giving a glimpse of what it would look like if Ally McBeal herself was a trans woman and not cis, fighting for her client, a transgender prostitute, to stay out of prison. There is deep care and consideration in every word here.


Melody brings a sweetness and innocence to this monologue from Red Light Winter. She plays with her own naivete in this unrequited love confession that vastly differs from the original piece. Another excellent gender bend.


Toshi's emotional work here is beautiful. We are deep in the pain and joy of his memories with him every step of the way wondering exactly where it is going to take us. The final landing place is an incredible use of control and breath.

Enjoy the work of these 5 actors and thank you to everyone!

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