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about cara

I fell into casting accidentally.

After quickly realizing that being an actor was not my path, I wasn't sure where my place was in this industry. I came to Los Angeles in 2007 for one semester of a grad school program that was internship based. My plan was to check out LA, have some fun, and go back to New York after the semester was over to try out a career as a Broadway dramaturg. 

My internship was in a casting office and I fell in love instantly. I never made it back to NY. (Sorry, mom) 

It was the perfect creative outlet for me -- a chance to work with, nurture, and be inspired by actors, while being a part of a creative team behind the scenes.

I've been doing it ever since!


I love this job. I love taking words on pieces of white paper and giving them a body, voice, and presence. I love collaborating with producers, directors, and writers to make the thoughts in their heads come to life on stage or screen. There is nothing better than discovering new talent, having someone "just get it" in the room, or that moment where we all look up and realize that we have found the missing piece to our puzzle.

I have worked in film, television, and theatre, (once a theatre kid, always a theatre kid) and I have been so lucky to work with and be mentored by some of the best Casting Directors in the business.  I am also extremely passionate about being a champion and advocate for actors, and have made myself available to actors on social media by hosting many Q&As about acting, the casting process, and everything in between. I believe in transparency, and that the best weapon you can have in this business is to have all the information to make the best possible choices and informed decisions. I try to apply open and honest communication in all that I do.

In my (little) spare time I run DDPPLA, a women-centered monthly dance party in the dark here in Los Angeles.  

I live in South LA with my supportive husband, 2 awesome kiddos, and crazy dog.

I'm a proud member of the Casting Society of America and Teamsters Local 399.
I'm a big fan of aquariums, baseball, and snacks.

I love working with like-minded people to create something we can be proud of.

Let's work together!

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